The undergraduate program offers a demanding language curriculum on all skill levels and rich set of courses about cultural artifatcs of East Asia, such as litearture, film, and other cultural expressions. Students can achieve remarkable fluency in all language skills by taking advantage of many study abroad and internship programs in addition to EALL courses. Scholarships are offered on a competitive basis to strong students. For questions about the courses and requirements for majors and minors, please contact Stephen Luft, Academic Advisor for Chinese and Japanese Majors at luft@pitt.edu.


The Chinese language program is offered regularly in four proficiency levels, designed for students who have no or little background in the language, to advanced level learners.


The Japanese language program is offered in five proficiency levels and it offers appropriate courses for students to progress from beginning to advanced level.


The Korean Language and Culture Program offers courses on Korean language, linguistics, culture, literature, and film. Korean language is offered at four proficiency levels (first through fourth) emphasizing all the four language modalities of speaking, reading, writing, and listening.


The Department gives two awards for each of our language programs—the Language Award and Academics Prize to distinguished upperclassmen minor or major in any of our three programs. In addition, the Department awards the Undergraduate Research Award to the best research presented at the annual REALL DEALL and the student is recognized during our departmental graduation ceremony. The candidates must be students enrolled in one of the EALL classes.

Honors Program

Qualified EALL majors are encouraged to apply for the departmental honors program, consisting of one additional credit of research leading to a thesis or an equivalent summative project.

Student Research

Class projects in many formats—research papers, creative writing, digital production, experiential learning—showcase EALL studens' achievements. Selected works are presented in the annual undergraduate research fair, REALL DEALL, in the spring.