Internships are often essential for success and highly beneficial. They will test your resourcefulness, language skills, and cultural competence, but upon successful completion, you will have an edge over others in today's competitive job market. Consult your language coordinator or the Academic Advisor (Stephen Luft) to find out how to fit an internship opportunity into your academic career. Internships can earn academic credits under certain circumstances. Information about how academic internships are managed at Pitt, visit this page. Also Student Affairs can guide you to internship opportunities.


The Asian Studies Center often has internship openings. Outside of campus, but still in town, JASP regularly offers internships. For international corporate internships in Japan, contact Brenda Jordan at the Asian Studies Center. 


Current Internship opportunities, as a result of a special arrangement, includes the following. For additional detail, contact Professor Yi Xu.

  • Ojisu - Ojisu seeks interns who work as communication specialist on a part-time basis. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
  • Idea Foundry International - Students who intern in the Idea Foundry International have the option to earn academic credits. The next application deadline is March 3, 2017.

Asia in general

Access to Asia is a gateway clearing house for internships in Asia in general.