Third Year Korean 2



Integrated Korean Advanced Intermediate 2. KLEAR Textbooks in Korean Language. University of Hawaii Press.

Korean Reader for Chinese Characters, 2002, Choon-Hak Cho, Yeon-Ja Sohn, Heisoon Yang, KLEAR Textbooks in Korean Language, University of Hawaii Press.

This course is offered regularly during the spring term.


Combined with KOREAN 1006, Third Year Korean 2 is the second half of an advanced-intermediate course in spoken and written Korean. It is catered for learners who have taken Third Year Korean 1 or have equal level of Korean language proficiency of Korean and knowledge of Korean culture. The primary focus of the course will be on reading comprehension, vocabulary enhancement and discussion skills in which a wide range of topics/issues will be introduced. The course will also introduce approximately 90 Chinese-character words to provide not only for accurate comprehension of Sino-Korean words but also for better understanding of traditional and contemporary culture and society of Korea. Furthermore, the curriculum is designed to deepen the students' knowledge of Korean language and culture by exposing different speech/written styles, various expressions, vocabulary, structural patterns, Korean proverbs, and idioms. The course is divided into two parts in which the Lecture Class focuses on acquiring the complex grammar patterns, building more sophisticated vocabularies and expressions, improving writing skills and writing/recognition of the Sino-Korean words whereas the Recitation Class focuses on developing advanced and intellectual speaking not only in interpersonal, but also in interpretive and presentational communication through a wide variety of interesting authentic materials.



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Course prerequisites

C- in Korean 0005/1005 or equivalent.

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