First Year Korean 1


This course is offered during the fall term.


Korean 1 is the beginning course for those who have NO prior knowledge in Korean or who hear and speak Korean for the FIRST time. This course is designed for students to learn ‘standard Korean,’ that is the spoken and written forms of Korean used by educated Koreans. This course is aimed for basic conversational fluency, to acquire reading skills and to learn grammatical structures and writing skills at the simple sentence level, and to learn basic listening comprehension. Topics such as greetings, talking about school and work, time and days of the week, daily life, past and future weekend activities will be covered throughout the course. Korean 1 classes are divided into two parts. Lecture classes will include important information and explanations of those conversational patterns in grammatical and pragmatic terms. The course also provides sociolinguistics and sociocultural information especially when language is intimately linked with culture. Recitation classes will provide the students opportunity to practice strictly in Korean with various tasks and activities in most essential daily life situation. This means that students are expected to use the target language as much as they can throughout the course. Students will often be asked to make a pair or a small group in which they may interact with each other verbally. Students are expected to memorize the frame dialogues, vocabularies and expressions assigned by lesson with the help of CD-ROM in the Language Media Center (G17 CL) or online Web site of the textbook and the workbook.



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