Aspects of the Korean Language

Aspects of the Korean Language course will examine and explore essential topics in Korean linguistics such as the Korean scripts and sounds, genetic affiliation, historical development, word structure, grammatical structure, discourse, honorific and speech styles, and first/second language acquisition. Upon the completion of this course, students will i) understand how the Korean language developed, and what kind of relationship the Korean language has with other languages, ii) have an ability to critically analyze basic word, phrasal and sentence structures as well as discourse structures, iii) have a general understanding of how the Korean language works as a communication system. The class is organized as combination of lecture and class discussion. Course activities include substantial readings, discussions and presentations. All reading materials are in English. Prerequisite: Students should have completed one year of Korean language at the University of Pittsburgh or equivalent prior to taking this course. Some familiarity with linguistic analysis is highly recommended. The course is taught in English. Prerequisite(s): none

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  • Mi-Hyun Kim

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