Chinese Minor

There are 3 options:

Option A (23 credits)

1. Two years of the Chinese language (20 credits)

2. One Chinese literature or culture course from EALL (3 credits)

Option B (19 credits)

1. One year of the Chinese language (10 credits)

2. Three China-related courses from EALL, which must include one basic course on traditional Chinese culture (CHIN 1090 “Great Minds of China” or CHIN 1091 “Encountering Modern China” (9 credits)

Option C (18 credits)

A total of six China-related courses. At least four of these courses must be taken in EALL. The remaining two China-related courses may be taken from other departments. Below is a list of recently offered courses that qualify as China-related courses from other departments for Chinese minor Option C. Contact the Academic Advisor for Chinese Majors (Stephen Luft) if you don't know if a course can count toward fulfilling this requirement.

Course Description
ECON 1630 Economic Development of China
HAA 1605 Ancient Chinese Art
HAA 0620 Art of China
HAA 0690 Chinese Landscape Painting
HAA 1640 20th Century Chinese Art
HIST 0401 Modern East Asian Civilization
HIST 1422 Late Imperial China
HIST 0755 Religion in Asia (cross-listed with Religious Studies 0505)
MUSIC 0354 Chinese Performance Literature
PS 1523 East Asia in World Politics