Scholarships SEALS

Scholarships for First and Second Year Japanese

(i.e., JPNSE 1061 or JPNSE 1062)

We do not offer any scholarships for Third Year Japanese, JPNSE 1020 or 1021.

  • In-state tuition: All out-of-state students who register for either JPNSE 1061 or JPNSE 1062 will receive a scholarship that will reduce the tuition fee to the in-state tuition rate for the 10-week, 10-credit course. In 2018, for example, the the in-state tuition rate is $755/credit = $755 x 10 credits = $7,550.
  • SEALS applicants intending to take JPNSE 1061 or JPNSE 1062 are eligible to apply for additional financial support. In 2017, for example, we were able to award eight tuition-waiver scholarships. To apply for the SEALS scholarship, please complete the application that will be available on this site on November 1, 2017.  Applications will be accepted between December 1, 2017, and March 15, 2018.   A transcript of your academic performance from postsecondary school(s) you attended will also be required.

Application Deadline:

March 15, 2018.