“New Housewives” in Contemporary China: Through the Lens of Chen Hengzhe

With a wave of “New Housewives” emerging in mainland China, more and more young women returned home from work in recent years. This phenomenon reversed the practice of women’s full employment advocated in the Maoist era and caused heated discussion and attention. How does a woman choose between “family” and “career”? In this lecture, Dr. Huang discusses this age-old problem through Chen Hengzhe’s view on women. As the first Chinese female professor who was forced to resign due to her childbirth, Chen’s theories of “Women’s dual identities” and “Motherhood duty” can shed light on the “New Housewives” phenomenon. Taking The First Half of My Life (TV Series) as an example, Dr. Huang addresses the contemporary “woman question” that has troubled Chinese intellectuals for decades.

Friday, April 20, 2018
12:00 noon
4130 WWPH