Monkey Business

September 21 (Thursday), 6:00-8:00 pm
@ Pitt Cathedral of Learning 324
Contemporary Authors Discuss Their Writing
A Conversation on Translation Studies

September 20 (Wednesday), 3:00-4:30 pm
@ Pitt Cathedral of Learning 501
Join us to celebrate the release of Monkey Business volume 7, a journal showcasing the best of contemporary Japanese literature in translation and North American fiction. The Monkey Business team are visiting Pittsburgh for the first time with TWO EVENTS:


Join graduate and undergraduate students to discuss the practice of translation with professionals and learn how Dante’s Inferno became a graphic novel, reimagined by the British poet John Agard and the Japanese illustrator Satoshi Kitamura. A cross-cultural dialogue about contemporary writing with Japanese and American novelists Aoko Matsuda and Adam Ehrlich Sachs, with graphic artists Satoshi Kitamura and Jim Rugg, and with translators Motoyuki Shibata and Ted Goossen.