Fourth Year Korean 2

Fourth Year Korean 2 is the spring semester course of the Fourth Year Korean sequence and is designed to advance students to greater strengths in reading and writing skills and socio-cultural knowledge of Korean beyond high intermediate level. Students will develop skills in reading and listening to various authentic materials, and enhance speaking and writing skills to discuss issues of contemporary Korean society and culture. The goals of the course also include furthering aural comprehension of contemporary television documentaries, news and drama with decreased reliance on pedagogical aids. This course is student centered class and students will develop their knowledge of Korean lexicon (including Chinese characters of Sino-Korean) and grammar through integrating all four skills of the language use. Students will write two short papers throughout the semester. Class will be conducted in Korean exclusively, and uses a combination of lectures, exercises and discussions.

Number of Credits


Course prerequisites

KOREAN 1050 (minimum grade C-)

Course Type